Types of Housing


Paris Academic Rentals offers a variety of housing alternatives to match your budget and living preference: a room in a French household, studio, maid’s room (chambre de bonne) or apartment.   We have put together a guide to help you select your residence.

Paris Academic Rentals arranges the following types of housing.

Living in a French Household

Living in a French Household offers students valuable exposure to French language and culture through living with French people. This can include living with a single person, a couple who may or may not have children, a widow/widower, or a single parent with children. Traditional nuclear families are not very common. Students are provided with their own bedroom. Kitchen and bathroom facilities are normally available without restriction; in rare instances, students have their own bathrooms. Paris Academic Rentals makes a concerted effort to ensure that both student and host are compatible, and that cost, particular privileges and/or conditions of stay (visitation rights, telephone, shared meals, laundry, etc.) are agreed upon in advance. The extent and quality of the relationship between the host and the student will vary depending on personalities and lifestyles. A conversational level of French is necessary to allow for a meaningful experience. Visitors are not normally permitted provided the host family approves. Prices vary primarily according to the number of prepared dinners offered by the host/hostess per week; approximate cost: 720-940 Euros/month.

Chambres de Bonne

These «maid’s rooms» are usually small rooms (approximately 90–140 square feet) situated on the upper floors of Paris apartment buildings and are frequently rented to students and those with limited budgets. These rooms are comfortably furnished with a single bed, a desk, and some storage space, and include a hot plate and a small refrigerator. The overwhelming majority of "maid's rooms" contain showers and sinks inside the lodgings but in all cases, the toilet is situated in the outside hallway to be shared with other occupants on the floor. Visitation rights are rarely restricted. Approximate cost: 500-650Euros/month plus utilities.

Studio Apartments

These are small one-room apartments of approximately 160–350 square feet containing separate kitchens or integrated kitchen areas (hot plates, toaster ovens, or microwaves and refrigerators) and integrated bathroom facilities with toilet and showers (rarely containing bathtubs). They are comfortably furnished with a single bed (double beds are rare), desk, storage shelves, etc. Visitation rights are unrestricted and telephone lines are available in some studios. Approximate cost: 840-1500 Euros/month plus utilities.

Apartments for More Than One Person

Apartments minimally include a single bedroom with two beds (or a bedroom containing a single bed and a living room with a convertible sofa), a small living room, kitchenette, and a private bath. Some larger apartments contain more than one bedroom with multiple beds. Monthly rent is determined as a function of the size of the apartment as well as the quality of the furnishings and neighborhood. Approximate cost per person: 680-1100 Euros/ month plus utilities.