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The Housing Placement Process

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To permit Paris Academic Rentals to find accommodations for you it is imperative that you complete the Housing Questionnaire Form that corresponds to your particular University program.  You can find the appropriate questionnaire under the name of your University on the left-hand menu.  If you do not have the correct log-on information for your program, shoot us a quick Email to request the confidential codes. 

Pre-Assigned Housing

Upon receipt of the Housing Questionnaire, Paris Academic Rentals assigns you to lodgings from the accommodations in its housing network. Paris Academic Rentals makes a concerted effort to match your 'most preferred' housing request with the accommodations in its housing network. In cases where your housing placement varies substantially from your search criteria, Paris Academic Rentals will attempt to notify you in advance of your assignment. You are encouraged to be in direct contact with us about your preferences.

Housing assignments are generally made on a first-come, first-served basis.  You will receive confirmation of your placement no later than 30 days prior to your arrival. Paris Academic Rentals will send by E-mail a Housing Placement Notice that contains your housing assignment, the name and telephone number of your Paris landlord/landlady, the monthly rent, the security deposit, a description of the accommodations and the date by which the Housing Reservation Advance must be received in order to secure your accommodations.  Please note that you will likely not be given photos of your assigned lodgings.   Instead, you will be furnished with the name and Email address of the current/past student who resided in the same accommodations with whom you are strongly encouraged to communicate to obtain their opinions firsthand.

All students selecting the pre-assigned housing option must pay a Housing Reservation Advance (in Euros) made payable to the proprietor and sent by the stated deadline. The Housing Reservation Advance is due only IF and WHEN you agree to accept a housing proposal. The Housing Reservation Advance is credited toward the first month's rent and/or the security deposit.

If you cancel your housing reservation after the Advance is sent, the Housing Reservation Advance will not be refunded unless and until a replacement tenant is found for the housing. If no replacement is found, you forfeit the Housing Reservation Advance. Failure to submit the Housing Reservation Advance by the stated deadline may result in losing your assignment.

The pre-assignment housing placement offers the following advantages:

  • eliminates the need for temporary housing upon arrival
  • allows students to benefit from all the activities planned during orientation
  • facilitates immediate immersion into Parisian daily life

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